Monday, August 24, 2009

The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Association ©

This group is a tribute to Miss Alice Kerr-Sutherland (1870-1939). All applicants for membership (Ladies & Gentlemen) must be aged over 21!

A group with Victorian nostalgia, designed to provide a safe and secure place for people of like mind to explore and share their experience and knowledge of a Loving Domestic Discipline (LDD) lifestyle. Although it is impossible to precisely define the exact nature of LDD because it means different things to different people, in terms of this site, we see it as a fully consensual agreement between two loving, committed, monogamous, (usually) heterosexual adults, in which (most commonly) the female partner takes the leading role as "Head of Household" (HOH) or "Head of Relationship" (HOR). This may, or may not include the introduction of a mutually agreed upon set of rules and conditions of conduct intended to promote connection and harmony within the relationship.

Ladies and Gentlemen who share an interest be very welcome! If you are already in a LDD-relationship, are considering one, or are looking for a partner of like mind then "The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Association ©" is your home!

Be very welcome:

A word of warning: "The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Association ©" is NOT a contact organisation. We do NOT hold meetings for our membership. We do NOT effect introductions between Ladies & Gentlemen. We do NOT have chapters where people can interact together.

"The Romantic Art Of Loving DD-Relationship",

The Governess,

Miss Alice Kerr-Sutherland (†)

Finally our domestic reminder:

However, this site is NOT about erotic role-playing or sado-/masochistic pleasures, but about the serious and meaningful use of domestic discipline as a means to improve and enhance a loving relationship. Absolute NO rude or vulgar language will be tolerated and NO sexually explicit text/photos will be allowed in this group!

Copyright © 2010, "The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Association ©".


  1. Dear Ladies and Gentleman

    I read about your Society in Elise Suttons book "Female Domination" and got curious to know and learn more about your Society.
    I'm a Danish man and not very familiar with blogs yet so please help me. I would very much like to read in your blog archive but how do I do that?
    With best regards
    Morten Zuleger Nielsen

  2. Dear Morton,

    We are able to help you in our Yahoo! group:

    Please be very welcome to join our group?